How To Get Through a Negative Day


This is something rather different to my usual posts, but still something I feel most people can reach out to on a personal level. Recently I have been struggling to keep positive and have a motivated mindset, I get so overwhelmed and suddenly feel anxious and it is so easy to fall into that bad spell of depression when you feel like that! Sometimes I don’t feel anything or would rather just shut myself out from everyone and avoid life at all costs, which isn’t healthy either. Every time this now happens, I do something to try and recover from falling into that trap. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of things I do to make me positive again, it may just be one small thing. I decided to do this to see if the way I try overcome these bad days could help anyone else. I’m not trying to come across as some kind of preacher and I know some of these tips are simple, however I’ve wanted to do this for a while and it’s for a good reason too!


Take yourself away from social media

Every morning I reach for my phone and browse through countless social media accounts that sometimes I forget to just wake up and breath instead. Social media is at it’s height these days and it makes me really sad to think how much time I waste looking at other peoples lives instead of living my own. My point here is, if you are having a bad day social media can only bring negative feelings on more. It can lead to jealousy and hate toward other people or wishing that you had their ‘luxurious lifestyle’ when in reality, they are just another face behind the screen too. Put down your phone/Ipad/computer, go outside, talk to people. It makes a difference to make time for yourself instead of time for social media.


This doesn’t mean you have to join that fancy gym everyone else is going to… Exercise can come in many forms, doing some classes from time to time, going for a run near you every other night, cycling, swimming or even just walking! You get the jist. Any sort of exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy! I struggle to find the motivation and I am definitely not a fitness guru in any way (quite the opposite), but I do go for lots of walks and I enjoy running. It clears your mind. Then for the rest of the day you don’t have to worry about being a slob because you’ve done your bit.

Go out with your friends or family

Being around people who make you laugh and happy is one of the best things you could do! If you can’t be bothered to get your glad rags on and put your makeup on, then invite them to your house instead. Not everything has to revolve around alcohol (even if it does make you feel better for a few hours)… I know that I always feel better when I have my make up on and can get dressed up to go on a night out or to a meal with my partner, it makes you feel more attractive and you can be around people that genuinely do cheer you up, even if you would rather do the opposite. Some days it’s hard to move from under your duvet, but you will feel better if you get up and go out, no matter what you are doing and try not to dwell on your bad day when you do meet your friends.

Have a long, hot bath 

I love having a bath when I’ve had a crappy day, it relaxes my muscles and soaks out the stress. A long hot soak and lathering myself in different products always makes me feel better. Pampering is one way to make you instantly happier about yourself, while bathing it’s worthwhile to distract yourself from thinking about the day you’ve had or anything that may be worrying you, so put on some music or balance your laptop on the toilet/chair and put a programme on! (just make sure it’s nowhere near the water)..

Educate yourself

As I left college I thought that would be the end of all education for me, but that’s never the case. Educating yourself does not always mean listening to a teacher standing at the front of the class, you can feed your own brain yourself. This is something only recently I started to do, but it’s something that makes me feel good. For example, I am obsessed with make-up so I always find myself watching a YouTube tutorial and teaching myself new tricks!  There’s so many different things to do, sometimes I’ll read a book or spend time watching some animal documentaries instead… so cute! Such an animal geek I know. However, my point is if you are interested in something or have a passion for it, then it is worth your while to educate yourself on it. It moves your thoughts on to that specific thing and creates positive energy because you are looking into something you love or enjoy!

Mindfulness and Perspective

If you’re having a bad day, it may seem like every other day that follows is going to be bad too. But it’s not. That’s just mindless worrying and letting your thoughts wonder. Take a moment to think how grateful you are for your life and all those wonderful things in it, even though you may not see it that way through your own eyes. Everyone is different and everyone has something to be thankful for, if you show true appreciation to life then you will appreciate the bad days too, if we didn’t endure these kind of days we wouldn’t be able to see the good in our lives too. This is simple, but the most effective tip to me.

Cook a tasty meal

Is there anything better than food?  Even if you are the world’s worst cook (like me for example), we all have a favourite dish we are capable of making! Even if you can’t make it, it’ll take your mind of things to attempt to bake it. If your by yourself or with friends/partner, set the table and treat yourself to a good meal, whether you cook it to perfection or burn it to a crisp, it is still an experience that will lift your spirits! Or try baking a cake and following a simple recipe, whatever you do it will take your mind of things and give you a good laugh.

Walk away from negativity

There will always be that person that brings you back into that crappy mindframe, these are people who never have anything nice to say, complain or drain your mind with all their problems that they just can’t fix themselves. There is a difference between someone with a problem and someone just thrusting all their negativity onto you for no reason. All you can do, is walk away. These are the people that never change and can’t deal with positivity if it hit them in the face, which is a shame. But, you have to think about yourself and you have to know when it is the right time to walk away. This is exactly when you feel trapped by someone else’s mindset, which you should never have to! Cut the crap and have a stress free life.

Assist someone in need

In life, you get what you put into it. So when you make a positive impact on someone else’s life, you also make a positive impact in your own life! Do something that you would not normally, something that helps someone else to be happy or to suffer less. Even if it is a tiny gesture, you are still giving. Kindness is free. It will be an extremely rewarding experience!

So, I hope this post may help you with whatever kind of day you’ve had, good or bad! It is normal to feel things and it is normal to have these bad days too… That’s life! But it will always get better in time.

 Nadia x


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