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So I’ve recently been shopping… again Nadia, really? Yes. Did I buy any clothes this time? No. I still find myself coming out with more beauty related items than anything else, I get so distracted. However, over the past couple weeks I’ve accumulated an array of bits which I thought I’d squish into one big juicy post for you, so that is what I am going to chat about today!

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I feel I need to talk about this first as it’s my favourite of the recent beauty splurge. Of course as you can see this is the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley make up range from Marks & Spencers. I went into a store near me with the intention of buying the whole collection after seeing it was in ALL ROSE GOLD PACKAGING but had to restrict myself for my poor bank account’s sake, so I was extremely good and came out very happy with the Amazing Radiance Cream and the Highlighter Powder in ‘Rose Bud’. It was only till this weekend that I realised just how fabulous this range was, that I then had to make a trip back into M&S to purchase Rosie’s Lipstick in ‘Nude Blush‘ which was running out of stock pretty quickly as it was the most nude shade.

They are all currently online for a reduced price too, just click the links below!

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RHW Lipstick in ‘Nude Blush’ £11.20 RRP £14

This is such a lovely lipstick to wear, it applies so smoothly, long lasting and makes my lips feel really smooth and soft! How cute is the applicator too?!

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RHW Highlighter Powder in ‘Rose Bud’ £14.30 RRP £18.00

This is such a subtle highlighter, it comes in a loose powder form so you can control your desired amount. I like to use this under the eyes and down the bridge of my nose. It gives off such a pretty, healthy glow.

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RHW Amazing Radiance Cream £14.40 RRP £18.00

I love this cream for those days where I don’t want to wear foundation but still want my skin to look awake and healthy. It reminds me of MAC Strobe Cream as it comes out as a white liquid then once it’s sunk into your skin gives such a lovely dewy and luminous glow! It can be used as a base for makeup too as my foundation applies beautifully over it. Overall I love all of Rosie’s range (from what I’ve tried and tested) and would recommend it to anyone I know, not only are the products visually pleasing but gives the effect most high end products would for a lesser price.

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Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara £25.00

I was shopping this weekend with my friend and thought we’d pop into Selfridges, I knew I needed a new mascara but I was adamant that I would find a cheaper alternative. However I remembered all the reviews I’ve read and watched about this mascara, so I thought it was time to pay the price and see the results for myself. Within two days or wearing this mascara and testing it out, I now know it was worth every single penny. I find that recently I’ve wanted to ditch the false eyelashes and take use of my natural lashes, but I was running out of mascaras at home and the ones left remaining made my lashes look clumpy and spider legged. After opting for this, I’ve been loving the length of my natural lashes and how clump free they are looking! I’ve posted a before and after for you to see the results and determine your own opinion. Please bear in mind that I wasn’t blessed with naturally long fluttery eyelashes #littlelashproblems

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As you can see above, I was offered a box which contained the mascara and a FREE mini lipstick for the original price, so of course I jumped at the opportunity! I haven’t tried the red lipstick yet, but just by looking at it I am sure it will give a great result.

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Collection Lasting Perfection – Ultimate Wear Concealer £4.19

Of course you can’t go wrong with a drugstore concealer! I am coming to the end of my NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer and decided it was time to experiment with something new. To some, concealer isn’t that great of a deal. To me, there is no point to foundation without it. All a matter of opinion! I didn’t know which concealer to look for, when I saw this it reminded me of Zoella (YouTuber) who swears by this concealer in all her videos. I wanted to see the result for myself and after two days I was pleasantly surprised. The texture, the feel, the application, the shade… all of it works so well for my blemishes. As you can see I picked up the second shade ‘Cool Medium’ (I think there’s only four altogether) which is perfect for me as my skin is in between fair and olive. Definitely will be stocking up on this little gem!

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H&M Nail Polishes £3.99 Shades – Metallic Lavender // Peachy Keen

I keep forgetting that H&M have now brought out a beauty range and I was so excited to try it. When I got to the range at the back of the shop it was so busy that I decided to just pick up a couple nail polishes in my two favourite colours – pink and purple! I feel like the whole packaging theme was really spot on, simple yet classy, H&M have definitely hit the nail on the head in that department. I picked up firstly the prettiest pastel peachy pink colour (well that wasn’t a mouthful was it), which is actually called ‘Peachy Keen’. I’ve not tried it yet but I know I will love it, I tend to stick to this colour for my nails as it looks so elegant and it reminds me of Spring! Next on the hit list was a shade for my toes as pink just doesn’t quite cut it, when I saw this ‘Metallic Lavender’ I loved it straight away. Metallic looks so lovely once painted on, especially with a Lavender touch. My tootsies now look like mermaid scales. Overall verdict: I’ll be back for more!


Thanks for reading lovelies and I hope you enjoyed it,

Nadia x


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