20 Things To Do Alone

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It’s great to have the freedom to do things alone. I’m definitely a person who enjoys their own company (sometimes more often than others) without shame. I wanted to share with you the importance of being true to yourself but also the importance of being comfortable alone with yourself. People often think when seeing someone alone, what’s wrong with them? Surely something must be up, if a women is choosing to do things alone, instead of being amongst others? Which couldn’t be more further from the truth!

While the whole one man wolf pack (visually inserts an image of Alan from ‘The Hangover’ here) scene seems totally the ‘norm’ to me, I know for others it seems like an isolated, and quite frankly, boring, concept. People often feel embarrassed or too shy to go it alone sometimes; which is fine. Sometimes we need to revel in the company of others to feel more sane. Even if you are at the heart of socialising every waking hour in your life (what an exciting person you’d be to meet), it is almost inevitable we all find ourselves alone at some point. That’s just life.

We all need to learn how to disconnect, recharge and just appreciate our own company. Now that’s enough blabbering from me. So here below is a list (another list Nadia, really?) of 20 enriching and liberating things for you, and ONLY you, to do on your own.

  1. Shopping

    My number one favourite thing to do alone is to hit the shops. Something probably everyone can agree on! There is nothing more annoying to a female than being rushed (totally speaking for myself here). Going shopping on my own allows me all the time in the world. You can be completely carefree, even if you are on your 12th lap of Topshop. There’s no one there to restrict you or tell you that you really don’t need that pink spatula you just popped in your basket. It’s a blissful and soothing experience.

  2. Reading

    I don’t mind reading in busy people areas, but I do mind when you’re amongst family or friends and they suddenly want to ask you about the whole contents of your life… I find reading on my own I can fully delve right into my book and really pay attention to what’s going on, as I am a pretty easily distracted person. It’s quicker and more calming to be able to sit down, book in hand and read the night away.

  3. Go to the cinema

    Truthfully, I’ve never experienced solo cinema watching, not just yet anyway. Whenever I do go with someone else, I usually always see someone in the cinema on their own and I think, hats off to you! Let’s think about the pro’s here; you don’t have to share YOUR large popcorn with anyone else, you can put your armrest up or down…because really, who’s going to tell you otherwise? No one. You can sit peacefully, no distractions or questions and watch the film YOU chose. Sounds good to me!

  4. Blogging & Writing

    Something I’m sure every blogger does on their own anyway. But there is nothing more therapeutic to me, than sitting down, writing out my thoughts and getting a blog post out. Aside from the fact that it’s one of my passions, it’s genuinely a nice feeling to take yourself into a little nearby cafe and write your little heart out. Even if you aren’t a blogger, writing your own journal or whatever it is you wish to write about can be equally as pleasing on your own.

  5. Travel

    One thing I cannot wait to do completely solo, is travel. When I think about it I get that fuzzy, warm feeling in my tummy. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing and everyone who knows me would probably tell you the same. For me, it’s something I’d like to experience on my own. It’s being faced with the unknown that makes it all the more exciting! Don’t get me wrong, travelling with your best buds would be equally as fun. However, I think anyone that travels alone, will come back with a new sense of meaning. I know plenty of people who were scared at first, but come back to say how it was one of the most enriching experiences in their life!

  6. Exercise

    It’s been a good few weeks since I’ve even seen my running shoes (guilty), but I definitely think exercise is one of the biggest things people enjoy doing on their own. Not everyone, but it is for me, anyway. It allows me to clear my mind and go at my own pace.

  7. Go on a long walk

    Nothing like a long stroll to ease the mind! Again, you can walk at a leisurely pace or a fast pace and not have to worry about pleasing the other person you’re with. You can really take in your surroundings (unless you’re walking to the local Bargain Booze, then not so much).

  8. Dance

    Literally the best thing to ever do when no one’s around. Whenever I’m feeling crappy or just need to jivvy myself up, I sling out the earphones and hit shuffle on my boogie playlist (yes, that is seriously a playlist of mine). Nothing better than pretending you’re a professional dancer, when really you look like Alan Carr on drugs. Rocking it.

  9. Turn off your phone and get stuff done

    It’s so easy when you find that you have time to yourself to sit and get caught up in the online world. But unless you’re answering those work emails, switch it off and put it out of sight. This allows you time to forget about all social media and focus on any kind of work / revision / house jobs you have been meaning to get done.

  10. Go to the nearest bookshop / library

    One of my favourite things is getting completely lost in Waterstones, or any bookshop for that matter. Even the local library. Mmmmmhmm, nothing like the smell of being surrounded by fresh books for hours on end.

  11. Have dinner alone

    As daunting as it sounds, having dinner alone can mean a variety of things; cooking your own food, grabbing a quick snack in your local cafe, going to a restaurant and sitting on a table for one. I always usually treat myself to this after shopping on my own! It’s less scary than it seems as I always seem to leave happier than I went in (obviously Nadia you just stuffed yourself with 10 rolls of bread). On the plus side, you don’t have to hold back when it comes to ordering…

  12. Go to that museum / exhibition / art gallery that  you’ve wanted to see for ages

    None of the above might sound appealing to you, but it’s something to try out. You might even learn something new. One of my favourite museums i’ve ever been to is London’s Natural History Museum, I could spend hours walking round that place!

  13. Finish off that box of choccy’s you’ve been eyeing up in the cupboard

    Go on, I know you want too. We all have a little self indulgence once in awhile.

  14. Go out for a drink on your own

    Now I don’t mean go to the local nightclub and get absolutely leathered from Apple Sourz, no (unless that’s your kinda thing, knock yourself out). What I mean is find a place you’ll feel comfortable going into *if you’re of age* have one drink and just watch other people. I mean that in the least creepiest way possible. Sometimes it’s nice to get out the house and into a different, more vibrant setting. You might even make some new friends along the way!

  15. Have a full day binging out on your favourite YouTube channel

    Yup. I am guilty of doing this far too often.

  16. Go watch a free gig

    None of your friends or family into your kinda music? No worries, just go on your own! There’s always free gigs too, whether they’re local or not, you can always make a day-out of it. Just remember to stay safe!

  17. Relive your childhood

    Get those fluffy pj’s on, round up the snacks and relive those memories through films or books. Put a Disney classic on, or read your favourite Harry Potter. It’s important not to ever lose our childlike sense of wonder, so take yourself back. Who can even judge you for re watching The Little Mermaid another 8 times.

  18. Experiment with your makeup, do something unusual

    Whether you aren’t into the whole makeup scene or it’s something you are completely passionate about; it’s always fun experimenting with our faces in a harmless way. At the end of the day, it can all be wiped off anyway, so just have fun with it!

  19. Drive

    *for obvious reasons, if you don’t have a driving license, don’t try this one.* Since passing my test it’s made me realise, what would I ever do without my little car? It just gives you that extra freedom. Whenever I need my space and sitting in my room just isn’t cutting it for me, I grab my keys and head off. I always come back with a clear mind.

  20. Take up that hobby you’ve always been interested in

    Whether that’s horse riding, ballet, drawing, singing or scuba diving…  Wherever your interests lie, you can do any of these things alone. It would probably make it easier too, knowing you’ll be surrounded by others who share the same interests as you.

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  • These are such lovely ideas! I feel much more relaxed when on my own, I absolutely love it when I go swimming and get a cubicle all to myself, does that sound weird? I just love being able to hide xD going shopping or the cinema are awesome on your own, it sounds scary but feels so liberating! Loving your blog! 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ “Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    follow for follow on bloglovin’? 😀