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So me and my mum enjoyed a couple days away last week in the Lake District. We wanted to come away from stress and just relax together. My mum really is my best friend and I love spending time with her, so we really wanted to take some time out away from home. We stayed at the Windermere Manor Hotel, which you can see on the first picture. It was in the perfect location, right near all the shops, the lake, woodland trails and Ambleside was a 2 minute drive away! The hotel itself was beautiful and so clean. Our room was right in the middle and the views were purely green for as far as the eye could see! There was a pool inside the hotel and an outdoor chessboard which was super cool, even if my mum did beat me…

For our first day we wanted to just walk around and take everything in, so we drove into Ambleside first for some food. This toastie and carrot and coriander soup was to die for! Soooo yummy. After that we bimbled around the shops, I was completely obsessed with the shop ‘Silver Moon’. It was like a treasure cave! Full of crystals, necklaces, hippie bags, trinkets, rings, art, music, wall hanging, clothes and so much more.

After that we went for a walk nearby. My walking boots are the epitome of style, I know. Everywhere I looked was worthy of a photograph! We came out near this little private stone beach, it had some boats tied up and jetty too. Clearly we took that as an opportunity for a photo shoot….

After that we found a cute little Italian restaurant called ‘Cafe Riva’ tucked away in a corner of Windermere. Of course I went for my usual margherita pizza (so tragically plain, I know) with a side of chips. Carb-erita more like. Ha. Ha… Anyway, we really enjoyed that and would definitely go back. It had such a nice atmosphere. After our bellies were full we went to the corner shop, and oh, the food didn’t stop there. We got some treats and headed back to the hotel room, put on some crappy late night TV and I fell asleep reading my book. Nothing like a detailed account.


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(Beatrix Potter’s House)

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Our second day was jam packed and I’m sure you guys don’t want to read about every little detail (unless you want to hear when I cleaned my teeth and what colour socks I was wearing), so i’ll keep it pretty downsized for you.

We started the day with shopping around Bowness-On-Windermere, I picked up this gorgeous turquoise necklace, as you can see pictured directly above, from a shop I’m pretty certain was called ‘Red Gecko’. I loved that there were no ‘high-street’ shops to go in, it makes you feel like you’ve stepped back a couple generations and you can really appreciate the local businesses more. After aimlessly walking round and taking pictures of strangers cute little homes (not creepy at all), we decided to catch the ferry over to Hawkshead.

This is where Hill Top Farm is, and if you don’t know what that is famous for, it was the home of Beatrix Potter. Beatrix was the author of Peter Rabbit and all the other infamous animal short stories. Our tour time was 4.05pm so we had time to look around the village, it was so pretty and white-washed! We came across the village tea room and indulged in some crumpets and cheddar cheese. Oh and a pot of tea. Always tea.

After stuffing our faces and being attacked by a sh*t ton of wasps, we, rather quickly, headed toward the house. It was so nostalgic to see where Beatrix had gotten all her inspiration. Her garden, the village, nearby ponds, the farm next door. You can really see all the animals come to life from her books here. Inside was even more inspiring! The National Trust, who she wanted to oversee her properties once she passed, had done a lovely job at keeping the house as true and authentic as possible. All the details were magical to see; the wallpaper Beatrix had put on herself, all the way down to intricate hand written letters to her dear friends. If you’re ever in the Lake District I urge you to go see it!

After our trip, an outfit change and a quick swim was in order and food was most definitely in order. We went to Ambleside for our tea and was recommended to try ‘Zeffirelli’s’, so that was exactly where we went. The interior was lovely, the atmosphere and the staff too. The only thing that isn’t made obvious: it is all solely vegetarian food. The menu encompasses lots of creative dishes and vegan options too. Although I do eat meat from time to time, it was a pleasant change to not be presented with it. I chose the ‘Pesto Stefano’ (italian for pesto pasta basically) with a shed ton of cheese on top. My mum chose the ‘Tomato and Goat’s Cheese Cannelloni’. It was so relaxing to eat good food, drink wine and just talk the night away with my mum. We went back to the hotel, stuffed, watched a movie and fell fast asleep.


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The last day! *shouts nooooooo, continues to cry* We got up nice and early like we did every day, went down to have our last breakfast, packed our bags and went off on our merry way. It was lovely to get away but we were missing Hugo a little too much (that’s our dog, yes). Before heading back to reality we called off at one last stop, Kendal! Just outside the Lake District, Kendal is full of shops and home to the famous festival ‘Kendal Calling’.  I didn’t think to get my camera out but I did snap a quick shot of this 1657 Chocolate House, obviously. We pottered around here for a few hours then left… to then be stuck in the worst traffic jam of all time. Damn you, summer holidays.


Overall we had a fantastic couple of days full of food, laughter, wine, peace and breathtaking scenery! Sometimes the little break you need is right on your doorstep. We’re already planning our next trip away!

Have you been to any of these places? Where’s your next trip or day out too?

Let me know in the comments!


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