18 Lessons I’ve Learnt In My 18 Years

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I always think, if you can survive through your teenage years, you can survive (just about) anything else that’s thrown your way. I was thinking the other day about all the things I’ve learnt and I’m still learning, which would nicely fit into a blogpost. So here I am blogging about it. I’m writing this all down for me to look back on and realise how much (I thought) I’d learnt at this age and if there is any younger readers here it would be nice for them to read this as a kind-of advice guide, but I want to keep this upbeat too, as life should never be taken too seriously. There is so much more I’ve learned and want to write than just 18 things, but let’s face it, it’d be a little lengthy and I think we’d all get a little bored around number 453. So at the exciting and ripe age of 18, here are some valuable lessons I’ve learnt for myself…

  1. There will ALWAYS be someone telling you that you aren’t good enough and they will constantly put you down. Recognise these people and cut them off. As you get older it will become easier and easier and then it will be force of habit.
  2. Some friendships aren’t meant to last and that is perfectly okay.
  3. Previous boyfriends will definitely make you want to bury your head in a sand pit. Period.
  4. Pay jolly good attention to your mum’s (and definitely your grandma’s) advice. 98% of the time it is in your best interest. If you’re reading this mum, yes, ‘you told me so’.
  5. Never say no to new opportunities for growth.
  6. It’s normal to have no idea which direction your life is heading, even if you’re 25. Be okay with it. Trust that you’ll figure out. Go with the flow.
  7. Eventually you just stop giving a shit what people think and you just do you.
  8. You can never be too over-educated, too well read or too overdressed.
  9. Never, ever stay with someone who makes you feel like you’re hard to love. Your soulmate is out there somewhere. Just enjoy getting to know yourself and having fun in the meantime.
  10. Be kind always, it’s the smallest lesson yet the biggest joy we can learn from growing up.
  11. It’s ok not to be interested in what everyone else seems to be doing. You don’t have to enjoy going out drinking. You don’t have to enjoy going to the gym. Being yourself and being weird is a wonderful thing.
  12. If you didn’t get drunk off Glens Vodka and Smirnoff Ice in a field with all your pals when you were 15, what were you doing?
  13. If you are in the company of someone, whether in conversation or dinner, put your phone away. Engage with that person. Don’t allow your phone to interrupt.
  14. I private life is a happy life! Anything you put out there on the internet will live there forever.
  15. Don’t adopt the attitude of doing things for people and expecting them to return the favour.
  16. Travel when and wherever you can. Open your eyes to see how other people live.
  17. If you aren’t comfortable in a situation, whether with a guy, a friend or anything, just say no. ‘No’ should never require justification or any explanation.
  18. The most important thing I have learnt is to laugh. Life is so much better when you’re laughing; with family, friends or just on your own. Laughter is the best medicine!



What life lessons have you learnt so far?

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