15 Things Us Girls Do In Autumn


It’s September which yes, basically means we are in Autumn now. Oh, what’s that? The tree’s are still green? Yeah well… If I had it my way, it’d be Autumn every. damn. day. So now, prepare yourself to be bombarded with any post I can, no matter how insignificant, relate to Autumn in some way. You know, because I’m slightly obsessed like that. Also, how many times is it acceptable to say Autumn in a post? Let’s continue shall we…

In a bid to be humorous and honest, here are 15 things that I, and I am sure most of you girls, will agree with me on doing / thinking when it comes to this particular season. Or even you guys, no sexism here. Nope. No controversy here.

  1. I absolutely have to Instagram every single festive or Autumnal drink that I indulge in. Sorry not sorry. Pumpkin and Chai Latte’s will be the death of me from now on… (and probably the reason you will quickly unfollow me) …
  2. Leg hair, be free my friend! No one’s seeing these bad boys till Spring now. I will perhaps consider shaving when they start to resemble a Gorilla’s back.
  3. That’s right ladies, it’s jumper season!┬áNow I can hide that non existent Summer bod more than ever and take it to the full-fat-winter-mode. No one will ever know.
  4. We can finally put to use that Halloween costume we’ve been planning all year. Don’t even pretend this isn’t you. Yes it’s probably going to be a sexy cat again.
  5. Everyday will be a battle between those modern, hot and trendy Autumn fashion looks or an oversized jumper, ugg boots and a comfy Autumn fashion look. Comfort wins everytime.
  6. Defrosting your car every single day becomes the bane of your life. Get that kettle boiling.
  7. Experiencing a strange desire to buy anything cute, burgundy, pumpkin shaped, tartan, copper or fluffy for no reason.
  8. Prepare ourselves by slathering on the vaseline in a bid to fight away those unattractive, gross and crusty lips.
  9. Tights and socks become our best friends. Until you realise said tights are covered in holes from last year.
  10. TV programmes start getting good again. I’m a celebrity… GOODBYE ANY FORM OF SOCIAL LIFE.
  11. The winter coat struggle. You find the perfect one, then you see another girl in the best damn winter coat you ever did see, which looks nothing like yours. *Re-evaluates all previous life choices*
  12. Buying as many Autumn relevant candles (gingerbread and cinnamon, duh) as you can while taking pictures because #basicwhitegirlproblems.
  13. Panic because Christmas is looming in and you work in retail. The occasional splurges of excitement too.
  14. Hunting down that perfect fall ‘deep-berry’ shade. Suggestions welcome.
  15. Watching every single YouTuber do the same ‘A/W Makeup Look’ because as predictable as they are we still love them.


Leave your Autumn quirks in the comments!

Nadia x

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