10 Goals For October

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So it’s a fresh month (one of my favourites, incase you couldn’t already tell) and I’ve decided to set myself some goals which I want to atleast try and achieve over the space of October. Let’s get straight into it…

Start My YouTube

Something I’ve wanted to do since starting my blog is to create a YouTube alongside it. I love watching other smaller YouTuber’s videos and reading their blog’s too, it only seems right that I stop putting it off and just go for it. The whole following isn’t what attracts me to start, to tell you the truth, I’d be happy for even just 10 loyal subscribers. I know I’d enjoy the process and if you know you’ll love something, then why not give it a go!

Book Trip To London

Me and my mum have been planning a trip down to London for months now and we’re finally getting down to booking it. My grandad lives down in London too so it would be nice to go see him as well! If you have any hotel recommendations please let me know!

Finish My To-Read Pile

The pile of books I need to read next to my bed literally resembles a tower at the moment. In all seriousness, there’s probably about four I have to get through then I can move on to my new ones! I’m hoping I’ll have a nice few books to write up a review about in November.

New Blog Header

I’m really in need of a new blog header, which if you don’t know what that is, it’s the little picture with my name on at the top. I’ve been on so many blogs recently which have beautifully illustrated headers, which are all personalised to to the theme of that person’s blog. I think it’s about time I invested in one and got in contact with an web illustrator. I’ve no idea where to start looking, so suggestions are welcome, as always!

Start Watching Game of Thrones

Don’t judge me. I am SO late to the party with this one and I have absolutely no idea where I’ve been living this past year. I know I’d probably fall in love with it and watch it every day until I realise it’s been two months without showering and I resemble a crazy lady. Sounds good to me.

Go Out For Halloween

I’m not an every weekend party-goer (I used to be when I was at the ripe age of 16), but when it comes to Halloween, it is a perfect excuse to get creative with outfits and makeup. I’ve never actually gone out-out for Halloween, for no reason other than never having solid plans, so I think this year I’ll finally give it a go!

Stay Motivated For Christmas at Work

Working in retail, especially books, Christmas is the busiest time of the year. It’s October and people are already buying presents! Preparation is key at this point so I want to stay with it and motivated to make it as enjoyable as possible, after all, it’s the most exciting time of the year! As I run the Instagram at work too, I need to focus on keeping that current and up to date with the latest books / offers too.

Get A New Laptop

The laptop I currently use (and the only one I own) is starting to burn out and become slower than it ever was. I’m currently saving up for an Apple Mac (very slowly) as I know it’d last me so much longer and the quality is exactly what I need.

Keep Exercising

I’ve been doing really well with cutting out crappy foods and finding a routine I enjoy. For me it’s running and boxing, having an outdoor punching bag comes in handy, especially when you’re angry. I love how I feel at the moment and hope I can keep it up!

Buy ASOS Saved Items

Okay so realistically, I am definitely NOT going to be buying everything in my ASOS saved list, because I’d put myself in debt, but there are some key pieces I need  want. It’s been awhile since I’ve shopped anywhere but Primark (still love you Primark), but I think it’s time I treat myself to some new threads.

Start Baking Again

I love love love it when I have time to bake. It’s one of my favourite things – after eating those said baked goods. There are so many cakes and recipes I’ve found, so expect to see a new post up soon!


What are your goals for October?

Love, Nadia x


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