Current Lipstick Favourites & Swatches | October 2016


There are so many beautiful lipsticks I’ve discovered recently, some old some new, which I wanted to share with you guys. As it’s now Autumn, there are some deeper shades in here, I’ve included swatches and pictures of each shade on my lips so you can visually see what they look like on too! I’ve fallen in love with each of these lipsticks so as always, these are my honest opinions and views. P.S HOW AUTUMNAL IS MY BACKGROUND FOR THIS. The pumpkin harvest candle is from HomeSense!




Left:  Pink Cocoa £6.99 Right: Wild Safari £6.99



I thought I’d start with these two lipsticks from Tanya Burr’s new Autumn range. I opted for the shades ‘Pink Cocoa’ which is a beautiful sheer nude with mauve / brown undertones and ‘Wild Safari’ which is an electric orange / red. I am pleased with the packaging of these products as they look extremely high end, the formula of the lipsticks themselves is of a good quality too. They are not matte, but they don’t have the wet feel of a lipgloss. They lie nicely in between the two with a sheer finish, which you’ll notice is my favourite kind as this post goes on. Tanya has done an amazing job here and I can’t wait to get my hands on more. At an affordable price of just £6.99, you really do get your money’s worth here. Available at Superdrug and FeelUnique. (linked above)



MAC Creme Cup £15.50

So this isn’t a new one as I’m sure you’ll know, but I repurchased this as it’s my ultimate ‘girly nude’ shade. I think I’ll always love this lipstick! I used to go crazy about MAC lipsticks. This is a cremesheen formula meaning it smoothes on like butter. As you can see, it’s more of a light pink nude, which I’m sure not everyone will like. I love it for adding a pop of colour to my face. It’s subtle yet still noticeable. I wear this more in the evening time but it’s perfect for a day to day toned down look. It complements brown / autumnal eyeshadow so well!




Chanel 168 Rouge Ingenue  £26.00

I was given this as a gift and I literally have not stopped wearing it since. It’s the perfect nude. It’s not too pink, or too brown, or too flesh coloured either. It sits nicely in between all the three and is my absolute go to shade. I carry it everywhere with me and it is definitely the most expensive lipstick I own!  Chanel lipsticks have a fantastic formula as their ingredients are so rich. The quality is outstanding and this particular lipstick sits so well all day. I am a sucker for packaging and this just SPEAKS to me. Black and gold. Yum.




MAC Soar Lip Liner £13.00

This is literally the Autumn dream. Soar is a beautiful, neutral, mauve and yet a slightly cranberry toned lip liner. It’s deep yet appears natural on the lips. It is often compared to MAC’s ‘Whirl’ with its tones. I love the application for this, it’s creamier than I’d imagine and extremely strong, which I know sounds weird, but the worst thing a lip liner can be is weak and flimsy when you go to sharpen it. Like all lip liners, you can either wear this to outline your lips and put a lipstick on top or completely bare it on it’s own. I love it either way! It really complement’s tanned skin too.



NYX Copenhagen Soft Matte Lip Cream £5.50

Please excuse my orange and white knuckled hand in the above shot, but this shade is SO beautiful and SO Autumnal. It is a chic, deep burgundy, with deep brown hues. It is a soft matte lip cream and it applies at first like a gloss, then over time dries into a matte. To me, it almost feels semi-matte. It lasts quite well too, I met my friend last week for a catch up and it lasted through a few glasses of wine, which is always promising! I will say the only thing is to get the best possible outcome of the colour, you do have to apply a few layers (depending on how strong you want the shade).


Top: Halcyon Bottom: Dash


MUA Lip Lacquer in ‘Dash’ £3.00 (linked above)


MUA Lip Lacquer in ‘Halcyon’ £3.00 (linked above)

I thought I’d saved the best till last because these are just astounding. Here’s the best… THEY WERE £3 each. YES, 3. British. Pounds. I can’t believe it myself. The quality you get for such a low price is what astounded me the most. These are by a brand called ‘MUA’, which I’m sure you will have heard of. Sometimes I find myself guilty for turning my nose up at products like this as I just assume they aren’t going to be worth it; but boy am I wrong. These are part of the ‘Velvet’ range and are matte lipsticks. It get’s better, there are SO many shades to choose from. From lilac to bright pink there are no limitations in this range. I opted to start with these two, the first shade is ‘Dash’, which is now my favourite Autumn lipstick I own. It’s a deep plum-tone and when it dries it goes into an even deeper shade which just looks beautiful, perfect to complement a glitter eye. The next shade I got was ‘Halcyon’ (no idea how you pronounce that one), which is a matte nude, with an almost coral undertone. I’ve worn these for around 4 hours and they seems to stay on just fine, even for a messy eater like me…

So there we have it. These are all my favourite lipsticks at the moment! I hope you enjoyed this visual approach to seeing what they look like once on. I love playing around with my camera and different looks. Keep an eye out for more beauty updates to come soon.

Love, Nadia x

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