So I’ve recently been shopping… again Nadia, really? Yes. Did I buy any clothes this time? No. I still find myself coming out with more beauty related items than anything else, I get so distracted. However, over the past couple weeks I’ve accumulated an array of bits which I thought I’d… View Post

Hello everyone, I thought today I’d show you my favourite low-cost beauty products. I noticed in most of my blog posts that I seem to only write about wearing mainly high-end products, which is entirely not the case! Infact I don’t know anyone that is so stringent with their money… View Post

Hello Hello! Remember me? I’m back… Hope you’re all well and having a lovely day/evening. It’s been a while since I last did a kind of ‘monthly favourites’ post, because to be honest, I was finding them un-inspiring and frankly a little boring, not only to write but to read too.… View Post