A different post to the usual, however, today I woke up to realise I had been nominated for ‘The Liebster Blogger Award’! Which I am still in (pleasant) shock about! I was nominated by the ever so kind Remy (remyives.com), who’s blog you must go check out, she gives some amazing reviews.… View Post

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream £70 I’ve watched countless tutorials where this cream seems to be used and the name appears to fit it perfectly well.I received a sample of this when ordering a foundation from CT a while back and a small amount seriously went a long way. When testing… View Post

Hello and welcome! As you’re probably aware, my name is Nadia. I’m at the fruitful age of 19 and I currently live in the best part of the UK (the North West, obviously). I started this around November 2015 with no idea what direction my life was going, I just knew I loved to… View Post