For the days you’re feeling down, on the verge of a break down, frustrated or just need a pick me up…read this list and find yourself reassured; J.K. Rowling started from the bottom, she wrote Harry Potter through times of poverty and depression while struggling on welfare with her daughter.… View Post

It’s been a long while since I last purchased any form of an eyeshadow palette and I wanted one that I could trust wouldn’t let me down. I think it is safe to say that this palette has recently been the most instagrammed and talked about ‘new on the market product’.… View Post

Hello and welcome! As you’re probably aware, my name is Nadia. I’m at the fruitful age of 19 and I currently live in the best part of the UK (the North West, obviously). I started this around November 2015 with no idea what direction my life was going, I just knew I loved to… View Post